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A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma

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A Comprehensive Manual of AbhidhammaA Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma – The Philosophical Psychology of Buddhism edited by Bhikkhu Bodi. At the heart of the Abhidhamma philosophy is the Abhidhamma Pitaka one of the divisions of the Pali Canon recognized by Theravada Buddhism as the authoritative recension of the Buddha’s teachings. This canon was compiled at the three great Buddhist councils held in India in the early centuries following the Buddha’s demise.  The core of the present book is a medieval compendium of Buddhist philosophy entitled the Abhidhammattha Sangaha, ascribed to Acariya Anuruddha, a Buddhist savant about whom little is know. Despite this, his little manual has become one of the most important and influential textbooks of Theravada Buddhism.

Download A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma here (428 pages/2.5 MB):

PDF downloadComprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma


Burma Monks Tales

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Burmese Monks tales

The Monk’s Tales of Burma were always told by their author on the spur of the moment, and originally were not noted down. By word of mouth they reached villages all over Burma, and took place alongside the Jakatas, the folk tales. The Monk’s Tales were collected in Burma in the years 1926-29 and most of them originates form the dark decade of Burmese history (1876-85), when British occupied the country. The British rulers never understood that the Burmese society based on the monastic schools was a main foundation of Burmese society. Since Buddhism had never in any place been a single canonical religion, every monk are encouraged to discuss and debate any point of doctrine. This underlying premise gave rise to monk’s tales as a way of educating laymen under the British suppression.

PDF downloadBurmese Monks Tales


Karma and Chaos – New and collected essays on Vipassana Meditation

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Karma and Chaos

Karma and Chaos – with the subtitle: New and collected essays on Vipassana Meditation by Paul R. Fleischman, M. D. was published to inspire people on the path of Vipassana meditation. The books itself is a product of Vipassana-derived energy and enthusiasm of the editors who were determined to make these essays more easily available to readers in the Western hemisphere. Four of the essays presented have circulated among smaller groups of Vipassana practioners for many years in print editions in India and Sri Lanka. Notifying the essay’s catalytic effect, Vipassana Research Publications committed to publish them and a few more to a wider readership in the West.

Download the free ebook here (152 pages/2.7 MB):

PDF downloadKarma and Chaos


The Moon Appears When the Water is Still by Ian McCrorie

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The Moon Appears When the Water is StillThe Moon Appears When the Water i Still – Reflections of the Dhamma by Ian McCrorie. In Dhamma teachings stories, anecdotes and aphorisms, poems are often used. During more than twenty years of of intensive meditation in monasteries, ashrams and retreat centers in India, Southeast Asia, Japan and North America Ian McCrorie have collected a number of these metaphors and published them in this free ebook.

“These reflections point to the Dhamma, they allude to the truth, but the truth itself cannot be captured in words. It can only be experienced. These words are mere Reflections of the Dhamma.”

Download The Moon Appears When the Water i Still here (118 pages/2.5MB):

PDF downloadThe Moon Appears When the Water is Still 


Journey into Burmese Silence by Marie B. Byles

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Journey into Burmese SilenceJourney into Burmese Silence is the personal account of the search for a retreat in which to learn the art of meditation. The quest brings Marie B. Byles to Burma in 1957, where she begins to practice Vipassana or insight meditation at the Theravada monastery Maha Bohdi. Journey into Burmese Silence also include a translation of the instructions used for insight meditation training at Maha Bohdi in the 1950s. Download the free ebook here (243 pages/1.48 Mb):

PDF download Journey into Burmese Silence



Along the Path – The Meditator´s Companion to Pilgrimage in the Buddha´s India and Nepal

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Along the Path ebookAlong the Path is a guide for modern Buddhist pilgrims to India and Nepal. It was written for people wanting to travel in India to meditate and volunteer at Dhamma centres, go on yatra to sacred sites, visit old Buddhist caves and monasteries, and get in touch with the body by learning yoga, trekking in the Himalaya, or simply detoxing at a nature cure centre.  Along the Path is not only a travel guide, it also traces Buddhas life as i unfolded across the sacred sites. Download it here (455 pages/6.2 MB):

PDF downloadAlong the Path 


Great Bliss: Tantric Sex and the Path to Inner Awakening

Posted on | February 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

Great Bliss Tantric Sex and the Path to Inner AwakeningGreat Bliss: Tantric Sex and the Path to Inner Awakening is the first complete modern instruction book on Tantric Buddhism, and the first on Buddhist sexual yoga. The heart of the book is a first-ever translation from the Sanskrit of the Ninth Century master Shabara’s The Sadhana of Secret Vajravilasini, a masterpiece of the world’s spiritual-erotic literature, and an ideal text for practice.

Great Bliss reveals thousand year-old secrets, and is a landmark contribution to the study and practice of Tantric sex in the West. The book includes hundreds of authentic practices, making it an almost inexhaustible resource for Tantra teachers and students.

Great Bliss is posted here on request by the author John T. Houseman. Thank you very much. Download the free pdf-ebook here (502 pages/4.3 MB):

 PDF downloadGreat Bliss Tantric Sex and the Path to Inner Awakening

The Quiet Mind by John E. Coleman

Posted on | February 23, 2014 | 2 Comments

The Quiet Mind ebookThe Quiet Mind by John E. Coleman, a former CIA-officer, is a classic story of a search – the personal experience and the discoveries which led one man to a state of mind which has increased the joy of living and the ability to cope effectively with many of life´s problems.

“Part of the mystery of the Far East lies in the fact that in that part of the world the kind of questions to which I wanted answers do not bring raised eyebrows and impatient protests of “nonsense.” Meditation, strange religious practices designed to free the mind even faith in occult powers which throw light on the more obscure mental processes, are not dismissed as unfruitful areas of research.”

Download the free ebook here (219 pages/1.5 MB):

PDF downloadThe Quiet Mind 


Invading the Sacred – An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America

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Invading the SacredInvading the Sacred. The relations between the academic community and the Hindu community in North America have been characterized by a sharp debate. It was prompted by the reservations expressed by a significant number of Hindus in North America over the way Hinduism is portrayed in the Western academia. Invading the Sacred is a chronicle of an important attempt to start a new kind of dialog in India-related cultural and post-colonial studies edited by Krishnan Ramaswamy, Antonio de Nicolas and Aditi Banerjee. – With their permission the pdf-ebook is posted here. Download Invading the Sacred (564 pages/3.9 MB):

 PDF downloadInvading the Sacred

Science Without Bounds – A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism by Arthur D’Adamo

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Science Without BoundsScience Without Bounds A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism by Arthur D’Adamo is a great attempt at discussing and documenting the gap and bridges between previously very diverse ideas. The author writes:

I’ve never seen a book that presents this world view as a harmonious whole, though I’ve seen books that discuss bits and pieces, and even large sections. For a long time I wished such a book existed, a book I could give to my friends and say “Here. This is what I believe.” For years I thought of writing such a book.

Thanks to Arthur D’Adamo for letting holybooks.com host the pdf-version of his book for free download. Download the entire e-book here (page 448/1.3 MB):

PDF downloadScience Without Bounds 


Shakespeare The Complete Works

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Shakespeare PDFShakespeare – The Complete Works. Yet another massive “complete-works-of” for free on Holybooks.com. Here you have The Complete Works of Shakespeare. 3.601 pages of pure Shakespearian wisdom and eternal truths divided in a huge numbers of plays, stories,  poems, stories, apocrypha, tragedies and comedies. It is all here (3.601 pages/4.5 MB):

 PDF downloadShakespeare Complete Works



The Complete Works of Aristotle

Posted on | February 5, 2014 | 2 Comments

The Complete Works of AristotleThe Complete Works of Aristotle. Artistotle lived from 384-322 BCE. He was a Greek philosopher and is often referred to as the “first teacher” or the very “first true scientist.” His works cover a number of topics from politics, philosophy, metaphysics, logic, ethics, biology and more. Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander the Great and he had a huge influence on the mystical and philosophical thinking in Jewish, Islamic and Christian traditions.


Download The Complete Works of Aristotle here (3.354 pages/6.7MB):

PDF download The Complete Aristotle


Complete works of Plato

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Here is another complete works of: The Complete works of Plato. 3.490 pages. Plato was born in 428/427 or 424/423 BC in Athens, Greece. He was a student of Socrates and he is regarded as a founding figure in western philosophy.

Plato Cave story

Platos Cave Analogy

The aim with this collection was to build the most complete and precise compilation of the corpus platonicum available in ebook format. The dialogues are arranged in chronological order, Benjamin Jowett’s prefaces and introductions are included as well, for most of the dialogues.


Download The Complete works of Plato ebook here (3.490 pages/8.7 MB):

PDF downloadThe Complete Works of Plato

You might also be interested in The Complete Pythagoras.

Sigmund Freud – The Complete Works

Posted on | January 20, 2014 | 3 Comments

Sigmund Freud - The Complete Works

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

The Complete Works of Sigmund Freud are here compiled by Ivan Smith in one single pdf volume. It includes all of Freuds published books among them:

  • The Interpretation of Dreams
  • Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious
  • Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
  • Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of his Childhood
  • 3 Totem and Taboo: Resemblances between the Psychic Lives of Savages and Neurotics
  • Beyond the Pleasure Principle
  • Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego
  • The Ego and the Id
  • Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety
  • The Future of an Illusion
  • Civilization and Its Discontents
  • New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
  • An Outline of Psycho-Analysis
  • Moses and Monotheism

The document also has a number of essays, letters, papers and loads of case stories from Freuds own patients. Download the impressive ebook collection here (5202 pages/10.6MB):

 PDF downloadSigmund Freud – The Complete Works


A Chanting Guide – Pali Passages with English Translations

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A Chanting GuidePali is an extinct language, but the original language of the Theravadin Buddhist scriptures and the closest we have to the dialect spoken by the Buddha himself. It has no written script of its own, so every country that has adopted Theravada Buddhism has used its own script to transcribe it. This book is a free guide to the traditionel chanting as it is practiced in the Thai-Theravada tradition. The book has been published by The Dhammayut Order, download it here (295 pages/700 Kb):



PDF downloadA Chanting Guide



Sri Ram Charita Manas – the Ramayana of Goswami Tulasidas PDF

Posted on | November 30, 2013 | 2 Comments

Sri Ram Charita Manas - the Ramayana of Goswami TulasidasSri Ram Charita Manas (the Ramayana of Goswami Tulasidas)is an epic Indian poem, composed by the 16th-century Indian poet, Goswami Tulsidas. It enjoys a unique place among the classics of the world’s literature. It was considered to be the best work on Devotion by Mahatma Gandhi. It is universally accepted by all classes of people from Bihar to the Punjab and from the Himalayas to the Narmada. According to an old Christian missionary, who is no more in this world, no one could hope to understand the people of Upper India till he had mastered every line that the Ramayana of Goswami Tulasidas had written.

Download RamCharitaManas here in full length as a free pdf-ebook (1.119 pages/5 MB): 

PDF downloadSri Ram Charita Manas – the Ramayana of Goswami Tulasidas



Prologues by The TS Network

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Prologues by The TS Network. In the early 2010′s  the question of secular enlightenment began to gather steam on the philosophical discussion boards of the internet. Skeptic websites like Truth Strike, Open Source Analysis and Ruthless Truth stripped enlightenment of its spiritual garb and presented a simple means of attainment:
Direct empirical observation of the absence of ones own self in phenomenal reality.
Truth Strike: Prologues represents a selection of writing from those who have both attained this simple, secular enlightenment and guided other like-minded individuals in their own inquiries. It is acts as the definitive guide for those wishing to attain a secular enlightenment.
Download the free pdf ebook here: (660 Kb/59 pages):

PDF downloadPrologues


Download the entire Holybooks.com library via bittorrent

Posted on | November 10, 2013 | 17 Comments

All books on www.holybooks.com can now be downloaded and shared via bittorrent. Get the torrent here:

Please help get this torrent up and running. Right now I am the only one seeding the torrent, so please start downloading and keep leeching and seeding.

Learn about Dzogchen PDF ebooksThis is a huge torrent, more than 3 gigabyte. It contains all 914 pdf ebooks and covers from www.holybooks.com. I believe this is the best way to preserve and backup this online library.

If you are not familiar with torrent-files you should first download a torrent client. This one for example: http://www.utorrent.com - and follow the instructions. Good luck.

Mindfulness Precepts & Crashing in the Same Car by Ajahn Jayasaro

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Mindfulness Precepts & Crashing in the Same Car - Ajahn JayasaroMindfulness Precepts & Crashing in the Same Car by Ajahn Jayasaro was published in 2008. The title is taken from the David Bowie song “Always crashing in the same car” from the album Low from 1977. The title refers to certain phases of Buddhist meditations as practised in the thai Theravada tradition where the meditator seems to repeat the same unvoluntarely mistakes again and again. This books offers practical solutions and much more:

This is the weird thing – intention, thought, and feeling arise first, and the one who is thinking and feeling arises subsequent to the thought. From a philosophical point of view this could be debatable, but this is something we can observe very clearly. Common sense says that first there is someone who is thinking, and then you have a thought. Is that what really happens? Look directly at what is going on. Some of our most cherished assumptions are overturned quite radically when we’re willing to do that, to really look and see what’s going on here. It’s liberating.

Download the free ebook here:

Mindfulness Precepts & Crashing in the Same Car – Ajahn Jayasaro



The Way of Liberation A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Adyashanti

Posted on | October 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

The Way of Liberation AdyashantiThe Way of Liberation – A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a free ebook from Adyashantis website. I am very happy to be able to post the words of Adyashanti here on the site for the first time. I know from experience that his words can have a huge impact.  From the intro:

Many people think that it is the function of a spiritual teaching to provide answers to life’s biggest questions, but actually the opposite is true.  At this very moment, Reality and completeness are in plain sight. In fact, the only thing there is to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or feel, is Reality, or God if you like.

The Way of Liberation is a call to action; it is something you do. It is a doing that will undo you absolutely. If you do not do the teaching, if you do not study and apply it fearlessly, it cannot effect any transformation. The Way of Liberation is not a belief system; it is something to be put into practice.

Thanks to Neil for pointing me in this direction. Download the book here (1.7MB/70 pages):

PDF downloadThe Way of Liberation by Adyashanti


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