An Idealist View of Life Radhakrishnan

An Idealist View of Life by S. Radhakrishnan was originally published in 1932. It features the so called Hibbert Lectures given under the title An Idealist View of Life in the University of Manchester in December 1929 and in the University College, London, in January 1930, substantially as they were delivered, but with some added passages. In 1952, Dr. Radhakrishnan was chosen to be the Vice President of the Republic of India. Radhakrishnan was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature for five consecutive years from 1933–1937, although he did not win. His nominator was Hjalmar Hammarskjöld, father of Dag Hammarskjöld. Download An Idealist View of Life here (355 pages/18.5MB):

An Idealist View of Life Radhakrisnan