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Milestones by Syed Qutb Shaheed http://www.holybooks.com/milestones-by-syed-qutb-shaheed/ http://www.holybooks.com/milestones-by-syed-qutb-shaheed/#comments Sat, 17 Jan 2015 21:08:37 +0000 http://www.holybooks.com/?p=6219 Milestones by Syed Qutb ShaheedMilestones by Syed Qutb Shaheed was an Egyptian Islamist, author, educator  and poet. The books is presented here today because of Syed Qutb Shaheeds continuing influence on a number of currently active radical Islamist groups. Syed Qutb Shaheed was also the leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1966 he was convicted of plotting the assassination of Egyptian president Abdel Nasser and he was executed by hanging. His masterpiece is the 30 volume commentaries on the Qu’ran: In the Shade of the Qu’ran, which is mandatory bedtime reading for members of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and similar groups. Milestones is one of his works on social justice and the role of Islam in politics. I post this book here, not to promote these views, but in order to help people to understand the ideology subscribed to by radical Islamist groups. Download Milestones here (133 pages/: 780 kb):

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Magic Mushrooms Around the World – A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and Time http://www.holybooks.com/magic-mushrooms-around-the-world-a-scientific-journey-across-cultures-and-time/ http://www.holybooks.com/magic-mushrooms-around-the-world-a-scientific-journey-across-cultures-and-time/#comments Mon, 12 Jan 2015 22:28:04 +0000 http://www.holybooks.com/?p=6213 Magic Mushrooms around the worldMagic Mushrooms Around the World – A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and Time by Jochen Gartz presents new unifying theories based upon years of research into the ethnobotanical aspects of magic mushrooms. Jochen Gartz documents how it was not only early american cultures who used a range of mushrooms but also European cultures have a forgotten past with a number of psychoactive fungus. The book contains some rare descriptions of the use of psychotropic mushrooms. For instance the story of two teenagers from London who on October 3, 1799, by mistake ate a meal prepared on, most likely, Psilocybe semilanceata picked from St. James’s Green Park resulting in visions of death, delirium and laughter. Magic Mushrooms Around the World is a scientific journey with lots of notes and precise references but it is still highly readable for casual readers. Download it here:

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We have several other books dedicated to mushrooms and other natural entheogens. Here is a few of my recommendations:


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The Skill of Release http://www.holybooks.com/the-skill-of-release/ http://www.holybooks.com/the-skill-of-release/#comments Thu, 11 Dec 2014 03:56:25 +0000 http://www.holybooks.com/?p=6198 The Skill of ReleaseThe Skill of Release – Teachings of Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo.This book is written to be read for reflection, a little at a time. Many of the short passages, in particular, will reveal their meaning after repeated thought. Some of the passages will challenge many current ideas on how a Dhamma practitioner ought to communicate. As Ajaan Lee cautioned his listeners, Dhamma teachings should not be accepted or rejected right off hand. Instead, they should be listened to with an open mind and then put to the test in experience to see if they can help uncover unwitting preconceptions. The Skill of Release consists of teachings on two major themes. The first, which has provided the book with its title, is Ajaan Lee’s frequent portrayal of Buddhism as a skill. This skill involves mastery not only of the techniques of meditation, but also of adroit ways of viewing the world and events in daily life so that one can gain freedom from the burdens that the unskillful mind places on itself. This approach culminates in what he calls the skill of release, the awareness that brings about the mind’s total liberation. The second theme concerns the central role that breath meditation plays in developing this skill. For Ajaan Lee, Buddhist doctrines show their true meaning only when one refers them to the practice of keeping the breath in mind. Download The Skill of Release here (68 pages/1 MB):

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Philosophy is not a Luxury http://www.holybooks.com/philosophy-is-not-a-luxury/ http://www.holybooks.com/philosophy-is-not-a-luxury/#comments Sat, 29 Nov 2014 20:19:09 +0000 http://www.holybooks.com/?p=6191 Philosophy is not a LuxuryPhilosophy is not a Luxury by Jeff Carreira. The philosophical ideas discussed in this book mainly belong to the classical American philosophers Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, and John Dewey. These three minds were the originators of the philosophy called pragmatism, which remains to this day America’s most significant contribution to world philosophy.

The essays represent a general progression of thought, each building upon the last. They are suggested to be read as complete in themselves in order to see what questions and avenues for further inquiry they open up for you. Each essay is a snapshot, a glimpse into an extraordinary perspective on reality. They are seeds for contemplation, starting points for your own inquiry.

Jeff Carreira is the director of education at the nonprofit organization EnlightenNext. In that position he creates and organizes a global network of spiritual and philosophical education programs. Download his book here (52 pages/6.6 MB):

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