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Popol Vuh – 3 English translations

Posted on | July 26, 2010 | 1 Comment

Popul Vuh - Ancient book of the Guatemalian MayasToday I have goodies for you. Popol Vuh is one among a very few full text books that exists from the meso-americans cultures. Popol Vuh describes the Mayans creation myth, its epic tales of the Hero Twins Hunahpú and Xbalanqué and other spectacular  stories.

The title Popol Vuh translates “Book of the Community,” “Book of Counsel” and has been mentioned as the Bible of the Mayans. Here you are spoiled with three different versions, keep in mind that these translations all origin from the same Maya documents:

Popol Vuh – Sacred Book of the Quiche Maya People by Allen J Christenson

POPOL VUH – THE MAYAN BOOK OF THE DAWN OF LIFE translated by Dennis Tedlock

POPUL VUH – The Book of the People -Translated by Delia Goetz and Sylvanus Griswold Morley


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