The Gospel of Philip by Vladimir Antonov

The Gospel of by Philip by Vladimir Antonov  was first published in 2008. The book presents a full and competent translation of the Gospel written by apostle Philip — a personal Disciple of Jesus Christ, who attained Divinity thanks to help from Jesus. Although this gospel may at first appear similar to the Gospel of Thomas, it is not a sayings gospel, but a collection of gnostic teachings and reflections, a “gnostic anthology“, as Marvin Meyer and Esther A. De Boer have called it. An Egyptian peasant rediscovered The Gospel of by Philip by accident, buried in a cave near Nag Hammadi, in 1945. This translation is accompanied by clarifying commentaries. In the Gospel, Philip put the emphasis on the methodological aspect of spiritual work.

The Gospel of Philip
A collection of gnostic teachings and reflections, a “gnostic anthology“.
Written by: Apostle Philip
Published by: Vladimir Antonov
Edition: Vladimir Antonov edition
ISBN: 978-1438217079
Available in: Ebook

Thanks to Vladimir Antonov for letting me post it here (71 pages/780 KB):

The Gospel of Philip