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The Talmud – Complete SEDER ZERAI’M

Posted on | May 31, 2010 | No Comments

Here is the first eleven tractates of the Jewish Mishnah our first part of the Jerusalem Talmud, the SEDER ZERAI’M. This section of the Mishnah was written by the rabbis to inform all Jews what must be done to fulfil their biblical obligations of prayer and commandments about food. Of all the Tractates in Seder Zeraim, only Berakhot has a corresponding Gemara in the Babylonian Talmud. However, many of the mishnayot of Seder Zeraim are addressed throughout the Babylonian Talmud.

Terumoth (Heave Offerings: 11 Chapters, 31 pages)

Shevi’ith (Seventh: 10 chapters, 28 pages)

Pe’ah (Corner: 8 chapters, 24 pages)

Ma’aseroth (Tithes: 5 chapters, 15 pages)

Kilayim (Mixtures: 9 chapters, 29 pages)

Hallah (Dough 4 chapters, 21 pages)

Demai (Doubtful: 7 chapters, 17 pages)

Berachoth (Benedictions: 9 chapters, 250 pages)

Orlah (‘Uncircumcision’, sc. of trees: 3 chapters, 16 pages)

Bikkurim (First Fruits: 4 chapters, 11 pages)


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