Bizarre Friday on

I often come across some more obscure works which I share here occasionally. These books are not related to the overall topic of this website, but you have been warned before, and I can see that books like the Voynich Manuscript, Codex Serahinianus and Gadsby are among the most downloaded. I know you like them, so here  are four more from the Public Domain edge of the Internet. First is “Des Jägers Schiessfibel” a manual for aircombat published by Oberkommando der Luftwaffe 1944. Next we have “Bizzare Fables”, a collection of short stories by five different authors, published in 1919. “MindGames” is written by Sam Vaknin 2010 and it is a series of “short fiction about bizarre mental health disorders” . Finally we have the 19-page poem “Bizarre Bazaar” by B. Clay Shannon from 2007. May you enjoy this weekend!

Des Jaegers Schiessfibel (9.10 MB/36 pages)

Bizarre Fables (4.9 MB/180 pages)

Mind Games (406 KB/144 pages)

Bizarre Bazaar (93 KB/19 pages)