The Dresden Codex – and how to read it before it is too late

The Dresden Codex – and a short list of books you might want to study during your last week on planet Earth. The Dresden Codex also known as Codex Dresdensis was written in the eleventh or twelfth century but is considered to be a copy of a Maya text several hundred years older. This makes it the oldest book written in the Americas. You will also find a public domain two volume work by Mark Pitts explaining how to read the Maya Glyphs, a short introduction to the Maya Calender and a paper by Professor Vincent H. Malmström on the The Astronomical Insignificance of Maya Date You might also consider to consult the Popol VuhThe Book of Chilam Balam of Chumaye and Codex Borbonicus also known as Codex Cihuacoat

The Dresden Codex 49Mb

Maya Glyphs Book I – Names, Places, & Simple Sentences

Maya Glyphs Book II – Maya Numbers & The Maya Calendar

Mayan Calendar Explained – by Bruce Scofield

The Astronomical Insignificance of Maya Date 13