Gnosis I-III by Boris Mouravieff

Boris Mouravieff was an enigmatic ‘third man’, known to Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, who found and learned to practise what he clearly believed to be the complete system of which only fragtments had been previously published in Ouspensky’s works. Many of his discoveries are described in this trilogy, which contains the fundamental components of the Christian esoteric teachings revealed by Gurdjieff through Ouspensky.  Please keep in mind that Gnosis in this context does not refer to the second century texts about ‘Gnosticism’. This is a previously not published ancient Christian knowledge tradition.

Update 16. January 2014. These books have been removed because of a possible copyright infringement. You can buy the books here:

Gnosis, Exoteric Cycle: Study and Commentaries on the Esoteric Tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy (Vol 1)