Kundalini and Yantra – A Brief Introduction for Inquiring Minds by David Edwin Hill

Kundalini and Yantra – A Brief Introduction for Inquiring Minds written and illustrated by David Edwin Hill. You may have seen Tibetan mandalas, painstakingly drawn with colored sand in the utmost detail, then utterly destroyed. Did this act of destruction suggest impermanence, or did the mystical symbols suggest something far more enduring? The American Indians had them. Jung thought that they were profound archetypes. Perhaps they are associated with deep mysteries rooted in a collective unconscious mind. Perhaps they are like lamps calling out to us through the wilderness of confusing events that color our lives. Perhaps they represent something that we have seen before, some place that we have been. Do you seek a guru, someone to lead you? There are many interpreters of magic symbols. Every religion has them. If you search, you can find holy crosses, divine wheels, and in a quiet pool of bottomless water that only you can visit, a perfect lotus of eight-fold symmetry.

Kundalini and Yantra
An illustrated book about mandalas, yantras and religious symbols found all over the globe.
Written by: David Edwin Hill
Published by: David Edwin Hill
Edition: First
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

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Kundalini and Yantra