The Ahrimanic Deception and other lectures by Rudolf Steiner

Ahriman’s head carved in wood by Rudolf Steiner himself

The Ahrimanic Deception by Rudolf Steiner – The lecture presented here was given in Zurich and Basel around 1920. In the collected edition of Rudolf Steiner’s works, the volume containing these original German texts are entitled, Der Innere Aspekt des sozialen Rätsels; Luziferische Vergangenheit, Ahrimanische Zukunft. Among the lectures are:  The Etherisation of the Blood, Search for the New Isis, the Divine Sophia: The Quest for the Isis-Sophia, The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers, Mephistopheles and Earthquakes, The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers, Lucifer, Ahriman, Asuras and The Balance in the World and Man, Lucifer and Ahriman. Download them here (173 pages/440 Kb):

The Ahrimanic Deception