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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man PDF A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is the first novel by James Joyce. The book was published in 1916 by B. W. Huebsch, but the work had been published from 1914 to 1915 as a serial in the English literary magazine The Egoist. Joyce had difficulties finding a publisher who believed in the project but the Novel was later received with positive criticism and laid the foundation of his later works. Readers of Ulysses will find that many ideas for complex storytelling here, were initially experimented with in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Download A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man as a free PDF here (301 pages/24 MB) :

Download the pdf science of getting rich A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce


Acvaghosha’s Discourse on the Awakening of Fait in the Mahayana

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Awakening of Faith Buddhist PDF book Acvaghosha’s Discourse on the Awakening of Fait in the Mahayana. Acvaghosha is a treasured philosopher of Buddhism. His treatise on The Awakening-of Faith is recognized by all Northern Buddhist schools and sects as orthodox and used even to-day in Chinese translations as a text-book for the instruction of Buddhist priests. The original Sanskrit text has not been found as yet, and if it should not be discovered somewhere in India or in one of the numerous libraries of the Buddhist viharas, it would be a great loss; for then our knowledge of Acvaghosha’s philosophy would remain limited to its Chinese translation. This book is the translation done by Teitaro Suzuki that was first published in 1900.

Download Acvaghosha’s Discourse on the Awakening of Fait in the Mahayana here (190 pages/9.6MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich   Awakening of Faith



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Consciousness Enlarged free Buddhist PDF e-book

Consciousness Enlarged is the second edition of the transcript of a course on consciousness, Citta, as laid out in Abhidhammatthasangaha, the traditional primer on Abhidhamma in the Theravada Buddhist world. It was given by the Burmese Sayadaw U Thittila in England, probably in 1983. The Sayadaw, then in his 87th year, gave a comprehensive verse-by-verse explanation of the material. In its masterly explanations, conversational tone, and lucid style it is a sound introduction to the subject, and—by Abhidhamma standards—a fun read. Sayadaw was one of the very few learned Burmese Monks who spoke English and also traveled abroad in the 20th Century. This second, revised edition was published in 2019.

Download Consciousness Enlarged here (354 pages/3.7MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich   Consciousness Enlarged


Newsletter sign-up works again

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Dear friends,

For months it has not been possible to sign-up for the holybooks.com newsletter. I am sorry for that, but it works again now. If you have tried to sign during the last half-year, please try again. I send the newsletter once pr. month and it is primarily a presentation of the latest books on the site. So it is a good way to be notified about recent additions. I promise, I will never spam you or let anyone else know your email. You can sign up here: https://www.holybooks.com/newsletter/





The Eye of Discernment

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The eye of Discernment free PDF book The Eye of Discernment is an anthology of teachings from Phra Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo. He outlines his thoughts especially about the methods of meditation he taught for years in Thailand. For instance, he points out that there is no sharp division between the practice of tranquility meditation and insight meditation. He also emphasizes the role played by experimenting and using one’s powers of observation in developing meditation as a skill. The Eye of Discernment was compiled and translated to English by Thanissaro Bhikku and the book was first published in 2003.

Download The Eye of Discernment here (92 pages/9MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich   The Eye of Discernment

Tantric Texts Series 1-22 Complete PDF works of Sir John Woodroffe

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Tantric Texts is the impressive, near-complete 22 volume collection of tantric root texts compiled, edited and commented by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) from 1915 to 1953. The works have only been printed once in their complete form, by Agamanusandhana Samiti, Calcutta, and they are practically impossible to find in print. There is however a 4.000-page compilation with translations of the Sanskrit material available from Amazon. Find it here: https://amzn.to/2OgbgZT

Please consider that the works below are huge files, some larger than 120MB. Interesting for English readers are only the long introductions and comments on key tantric concepts, most of the works are printed in Sanskrit. We have a number of more readable books by Sir John Woodroffe here on the site, do a search.

Tantric Texts 1 Tantrabhidhana – Panchanana Bhattacharya 1937

Tantric Texts 2 Shatchakranirupanam And Padukapanchakam 1913

Tantric Texts 3 Prapachasaratantram (This volume is reprinted as 18 & 19)

Tantric Texts 4 Kulachudamani Tantra – Girish Chandra Vedantatirtha 1915

Tantric Texts 5 Kularnava Tantra – Taranatha Vaidyaratna 1917

Tantric Texts 6 Kalivilasatantram by Parvati Charana Tarkatirtha 1917

Tantric Texts 7 Shri Chakrasambhara Buddhist Tantra 1919

Tantric Texts 8 Tantrarajatantra Part 1 – Lakshmana Shastri 1919

Tantric Texts Series 09 Karpuradi Stotra – Vimalananda Swami 1953

Tantric Texts 10 Kamakalavilasa of Punyanandanatha 1953

Tantric Texts 11 Kaula and other Upanishads Commentary by Bhaskararaya 1922 

Tantric Texts 12 Tantrarajatantra Part 2 1926

Tantric Texts Series 13 Mahanirvana Tantra Commentary by Hariharananda 1929

Tantric Texts 14 Kaulavalinirnayah Of Jnanananda Paramahamsa 1928

Tantric Texts 15 Brahmasamhita 5th Chapter Vishnu Sahasranama Sankarabhashya 1928

Tantric Texts 16 Sarada Tilaka Tantra Part 1 1933

Tantric Texts 17 Sharadatilakatantram of Lakshmana Desikendra Part 2 (not available)

Tantric Texts 18 Prapanchasara Tantra of Shankaracharya vol 1 1919

Tantric Texts 19 Prapanchasara Tantra of Shankaracharya vol 2 1935

Tantric Texts 20 Chidgagana Chandrika – Swami Trivikrama Tirtha 1937

Tantric Texts 21 Tara Bhakti Sudharnava – Panchanan Bhattacharya 1940

Tantric Texts 22 Sataratna Sangraha with Sataratnollekhani – Panchanan Sastri 1944


Copernicus and his world

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T he Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus started the scientific revolution. Before Copernicus, Galileo was jailed and Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for stating that Earth revolves around the sun. Copernicus knew they were right, but hesitated for thirty-six years before daring to print his observation. His books were listed on the church’s Index of banned books. Martin Luther the rebellious monk of Wittenberg, said about Copernicus: “The new astrologer who would prove that the earth moves, not the sky and the firmament, sun, and moon. The fool would like to reverse the whole art of astronomy! But it says in the Holy Writ that Joshua bade the sun stand still, not the earth!”

Philip Melanchthon, the Praeceptor Germaniae, wrote:
“Our eyes hear witness against Copernicus. Sensual perception speaks against him, the authority of the Bible speaks against him, and the one-thousand-year consensus of learned men. Therefore he is absurd.”

Copernicus and his World is the rich biography of Nicolaus Copernicus and also an important historical document about the clash between science and religion. This version of the book is the scanned English translation published in 1945.

Download Copernicus and his World here (420 pages/20.3 MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich   Copernicus And His World



The Basic Principles Of The Fuchiyado Meditation The Samurai Blowgun Martial Art

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Martial art blow gun meditation zen

The Basic Principles Of The Fuchiyado Meditation The Samurai Blowgun Martial Art is written by Shri Krishan Puri in 2011. The book describes the historical and religious background for the ancient blowgun practice Fukiya, a disciplined, precise and deadly martial art mastered by only a few dedicated monks.

Today, in Japan, Fukiya is like a national sport where thousands of people practice it regularly from the youngest to the oldest age. It is a sport to measure the best shots and points, with ranks and trophies.

The modern practice of Fukiya includes some of the philosophies of Kyudo, Yoga, TaiTai-chi, Qi gong and other martial arts in a new form. All the ethic aspects have the goal to achieve good health and consciousness of the spiritual nature of all things.

Download the free illustrated PDF e-book here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich The Basic Principles Of The Fuchiyado Meditation The Samurai Blowgun Martial Art

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

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The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich. Some months ago the successful ‘Rich Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki was in Copenhagen and during a couple of days, he drew full houses and sold a lot of books to local fans. Every decade it seems has its own “how-to-get-rich author”. I remember those books from the 90´about how to visualize your way to fortunes and later the ‘Law of Attraction’ book series, which for sure made the author Michael J. Losier very rich. As for so many other subjects I was delighted the other day to see that again, there is nothing new under the sun. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles was published in 1910. He was a part of the New Thought movement of writers, who shared a set of beliefs about metaphysics and positive thinking. The author outlines a practical way of attaining wealth by spiritual discipline and refers to the ‘The monistic theory of the universe—the theory that One is All, and that All is One’. He argues that one Substance manifests itself as the seeming many elements of the material world. He believes this concept to be of  Hindu origin and to be the foundation of all the Oriental philosophies, and of those of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Schopenhauer, Hegel, and Emerson. From the book:

This book is pragmatical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first and philosophize afterwards. It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time, the means, nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics, but who want results and who are willing to take the conclusions of science as a basis for action, without going into all the processes by which those conclusions were reached.

Download The Science of Getting Rich here (75 pages/1,1 MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich The Science of Getting Rich


The Science of Getting Rich as an audiobook

The Creation of God

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The Creation of God The Creation of God by Dr. Jacob Hartmann was published in 1893 and is a major atheist work of the time. Being a doctor, Jacob Hartmann outlines the science of biology and life on planet earth and concludes that nothing here really needs the presence of a God or any divine powers. Furthermore, he studies the scriptures from a political viewpoint and makes the case that the creation of the biblical God was merely a national and political necessity of the time. From the book:

Has not the time arrived for a grand and human reformation? For new methods of teaching, for new and more accurate ideas, for a more precise knowledge of the natural, for instructions in absolute facts, for a more thorough understanding of natural laws, for a broader comprehension of man himself and his surroundings, for an abandonment of all the supernatural subterfuge, ignorance, and superstition, of religious fables, miracles, false theories, and misleading doctrines as to God, with their immense sacrifice of human life.

Download The Creation of God here (372 pages/2,6MB):

 The Creation of God


The Forerunner by Kahlil Gibran

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The Forerunner: His Parables and Poems The Forerunner by Kahlil Gibran is a collection of mythic short stories and poems. ‘The Forerunner: His Parables and Poems.’ was published in 1920 by Knopf. It consists of twenty-three parables, one in which a king abandons his kingdom for the forest; another in which a saint meets a brigand and confesses to committing the same sins as the bandit; and a third in which a weathercock complains about the wind blowing in his face. The volume closes with a speech, “The Last Watch,” for the people of a sleeping city. Here is the short poem titled Tyranny:

THUS sings the She-Dragon that guards the seven caves by the sea:
“My mate shall come riding on the waves. His thundering roar shall fill the earth with fear, and the flames of his nostrils shall set the sky afire. At the eclipse of the moon we shall be wedded, and at the eclipse of the sun I shall give birth to a Saint George, who shall slay me.”
Thus sings the She-Dragon that guards the seven caves by the sea.

We have some other works by Kahlil Gibran, such as The Prophet, here on the site. Do a search or download The Forerunner here:

 The Forerunner His Parables and Poems


Selected works by Albert Einstein – as free PDF e-books

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Books by Albert Einstein free PDF Selected works by Albert Einstein. Here are the major books written by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein. Surprisingly, Einsteins books are easy to read. They are not meant for the scientific society. Instead, the tone and way of writing reveal how important it was for the author to make the extremely complex discoveries accessible for a broad audience. I have read many modern popular science books by skilled writers, that were much more difficult to understand than Albert Einstein’s own writings. He wrote extensively during most of his life. He wrote hundreds of scientific papers, contributed to many more and he wrote chapters for numerous books. Most important are his own works, as presented here, that he wrote without co-authors. I will not get into details about Albert Einstein here, you can find an excellent article on Wikipedian here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein – here are the English books by Albert Einstein:

PDF ebook download Sidelights on Relativity

PDF ebook download The Meaning of Relativity

PDF ebook download Principle of Relativity

PDF ebook download Relativity – The Special and the General Theory




Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze

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Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze

Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze. This anthology seeks to provide insights into Buddhism from a number of unusual angles. It consists of translations from the Pali Canon and the older Sanskrit version Udanavarga as well as both translations from the Japanese Rinzai and Soto traditions. The bulk of authoritative Buddhist writings is truly enormous and covers tens and hundreds of thousands of pages. The Pali Canon, which is restricted to one single sect, fills 45 huge volumes in the complete Siamese edition, exclusive of commentaries. The Chinese and Tibetan Canons, on the other hand, include the work of all those schools which left their mark on China or Tibet. In its most recent Japanese edition, the Chinese Scriptures consist of 100 volumes of 1,000 closely printed pages each, while the Tibetan extend to 325 volumes. This colossal mass cries out for selection, and at present no less than 17 anthologies have appeared in English alone. There is room for many more. Measured by the total wealth of the Buddhist tradition, each anthology is woefully inadequate and inevitably omits far more than it includes.

Download Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze here (238 pages/1.1 MB):

PDF ebook download Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze

First Things First -Essays on the Buddhist Path

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First Things First essays on the buddhist path - free PDF

First Things First -Essays on the Buddhist Path was published in 2018 by the Metta Forest Monastery and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Unported. The essays were collected from various sources and are the seventh collection of essays by the Buddhist monk Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu.

The essays included in this book are: Honest to Goodness, Did the Buddha Teach Free Will?, In the Eyes of the Wise, First Things First, The Karma of Now, The Streams of Emotions, Worlds & Their Cessation, Wisdom over Justice, All Winners, No Losers, How Pointy is One-pointedness?, The Limits of Description, and The Names for Nirvana. From the book:

One of the most distinctive features of the Dhamma is that it points to the source of suffering inside. In other words, we suffer because of our own actions, and we’ll be able to end suffering only when we can change the way we act. To be willing to take on such a teaching—rather than one that blames our suffering on things or people outside, or that promises that someone outside can end our suffering for us—we need at least a glimmer of two qualities of the character. We have to be (1) observant enough and (2) honest enough to admit that, yes, we do suffer from our own actions, and that we’ll have to clean up our own act if we want the suffering to stop.

Download First Things First here (107 pages/1.7 MB):

First Things First

Mind Games – Short Fiction about Bizarre Mental Health Disorders

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Mind Games by Sam Vaknin Mind Games – Short Fiction about Bizarre Mental Health Disorders, is a brilliant tour through some of the rarest but existing mental diagnosis. The stories are written by the Czech philosopher and psychologist Sam Vaknin, who has allowed me to post the book here. Read for instance about the condition that a small number of blind people suffers from, the belief that they can see. Or the strange disorder, that convinces the patient that everyone around him is imposers and that everything looks like perfect copies of the real thing. Or the novel about mass deception taking place in New York just days before 9/11.

Download Mind Games here (130 pages/1.5 MB):

Mind Games – Short Fiction about Bizarre Mental Health Disorders


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