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The Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci in one PDF book

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Complete works of Leonardo Da Vinci PDF The Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci is a compilation of all the texts we know to be written by Leonardo Da Vinci presented in one book. As a multi genius, Leonardo wrote about many different topics and in this book, you will find anatomical studies and notes about how to paint the human body and perspective, discussions about the current in the sea around Gibraltar and how the Assyrians prepare their small boats with fine mud, soaked with oil or Turpentine. Da Vinci was interested in everything and he made clever notes of it all. Many of his notes are highly readable like short journalistic reportages. Read for instance why the people of the south are black, how to determine how much a ship advances in an hour, how an army could cross rivers by swimming with air-bags, how fish are able to jump out the water and much, much more.

Download the Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci here in English as a free PDF e-book:

 The Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli PDF

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Nicolo Machiavelli - The Prince PDF The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli is often referred to as the foundation of political philosophy. Nicolo Machiavelli was born on 3 May 1469 in the Republic of Florence in what is today the middle of Italy. He worked as a senior official in the Florentine Republic. At that time Italy was divided into a large number of republics or principalities who more than often were at war with each other. Machiavelli wrote the book as a guide, based on many actual and recent examples, to uphold and maintain power as a ruler in a hostile political environment. The means described to this involves the use of spies, killing of innocents and use of violence to maintain power, quite similar to the advice of his fellow political thinker Thomas Hobbes. Machiavelli has been attributed to the term “The ends justify the means”, and this book has given us the word Machiavellian to describe unscrupulous politicians. Machiavelli was not only a political theorist, but he also wrote comedies, carnival songs, and poetry. Critics of The Prince have argued that since every ruler must have known about ruthless political tactics from their education, The Prince must have been a disclosure of these techniques for the general public..

PDF e-books - about spiritual, religious and philosophical topics  The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli


Listen to the entire The Prince here:

Rattlesnake Recipes

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Rattlesnake Recipes free PDF Snake cooking book Rattlesnake Recipes by “Dessert Holly” Ted and “On The Rocks” Mac is a small book on the art of cooking rattlesnakes. The book was published in 1950 and consists of recipes gathered from miners, cowboys, Calexicans, Imperialists, Nilanders, prospectors sheepherders, desert rats and Indians and of course form Ted’s and Mac’s own kitchen. Mac writes in the foreword:

“These recipes should all be tested and tasted and have been gathered by Desert Holly Ted and myself. Ted is the brains, who tosses around all the four bit handles for these titles and stuff with which these snake nite mares are concocted. I don’t use the big words too good, but I know a good snakemulligan when I taste one. We collect recipes day or night wherever we are.”

One example from the book:

You may visit the desert for years and never be fortunate enough to indulge in this gourmet’s delight but patience will be rewarded and eventually you can have your fill. During a cloudburst select nice, prime rattlesnakes floating by as you are trying to save your desert shack from washing away. Clean carefully but do not skin; Cut into pieces exactly a quarter of a yard long and stuff with the following dressing ( if you come
out with some short pieces sew them together with yucca fiber)

4 cups mesquite bread
3 sprigs Mojave stinkweed
1 pony sherry
1 pocketful grassnuts
2 horn spoons Argus onions chopped
1 cake pinon pine with pitch
14 leaves Panamint sage rubbed fine
1 teaspoon peppergrass seed ground
Sagebrush ashes to taste

Into a bed of cherry red greasewood root coals chuck the rattlesnake after having rolled each piece in a gob of mud left by the cloudburst. Bake two to three hours and crack open with prospector’s pick. Garnish with locoweed.

Download Rattlesnake Recipes here:

PDF e-books - about spiritual, religious and philosophical topics  Rattlesnake Recipes


Selected works by Niels Bohr

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Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein

Selected works by Niels Bohr. Like Søren Kierkegaard, Niels Bohr was born just around the corner from here, and feel like I should pay some kind of tribute to my deceased neighbors. Besides, Niels Bohr is one of the most interesting theoretical physicists. Bohr read Max Planck’s early quantum theory in 1908 and was instantly on the path to revolutionize the field. A few years later he proposed his atomic model, the model children all over the world are presented today in school.

He challenged Albert Einstein and made him change his mind about the nature of quantum physics. Einstein refused to accept quantum indeterminism, but Bohr’s interpretation of experiments such as the famous double-slit experiment convinced Einstein that God actually may be throwing dices. Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and the Danish king Frederick IX, gave him the Order of the Elephant.

Niels Bohr's Coat of arms

Niels Bohr’s Coat of arms

Bohr designed his own coat of arms, a yin yan with his personal motto: contraria sunt complementa, “the opposites are complementary”. The chemical element bohrium (Bh), No. 107 on the periodic table of elements, is named after Niels Bohr.

Download the main works of Niels Bohr here as free PDF e-books:

Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge

The Quantum Theory of Line-Spectra

The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution


The Frankfurt School writings – Selected works by Karl Mannheim

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The Frankfurt School writings - Selected works by Karl Mannheim The Frankfurt School writings – Selected works by Karl Mannheim. Recently I have listened to the excellent podcast Philosophize This!  by Stephen West over at philosophizethis.org. His impressive podcast has a seven episodes long introduction to the Frankfurt School, highly recommended. The Frankfurt School was a critical philosophical group of thinkers centered around the Institute for Social Research, at Goethe University Frankfurt from 1918. The institute moved from Frankfurt to Geneva in 1933, and then to New York City, in 1935, where the Frankfurt School joined Columbia University. Among the members of the movement, we find philosophers and theorists such as Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, Friedrich Pollock, Leo Löwenthal, Jürgen Habermas, Alfred Schmidt, Axel Honneth Siegfried Kracauer and Otto Kirchheimer. Their main concerns were on political, economic and social theory and the school’s works derived often from syntheses of the thematically pertinent works of Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm, Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Max Weber. There are many great introductions to the Frankfurt School out there, try Wikipedia and if you have more time Philosophize This!. If you are really into it, start reading. Here I present a fine selection of one of the earliest participants of the Frankfurter School, the philosopher, and sociologist Karl Mannheim.

Download the pdf science of getting rich  Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction – Studies in Modern Social Structure

Download the pdf science of getting rich

Ideology and Utopia – An Introduction to Sociology of Knowledge

Download the pdf science of getting rich

Dictatorship and Political Police – The Technique of Control by Fear


The Decameron or Ten Days’ Entertainment of Boccaccio

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The Decameron PDF

Lauretta, one of the narrators of the Decameron, painted by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

The Decameron or Ten Days’ Entertainment of Boccaccio – also sometimes subtitled Prince Gehaut and often named I’Umana Commedia is a collection of short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio. The stories are told within a frame story, much as One Thousand and One Nights. a group of young people has escaped the black death and are now waiting in a remote villa outside Florence where they usually live. To pass the time, they tell stories. 100 stories in all about love, jokes, nature, society, and relationships and much more. Many of the stories are folk tales or stories Boccaccio took from other authors and twisted to fit his within his frame. Some stories he combined and elsewhere he takes only parts of other stories. What is interesting is that The Decameron was finished in 1353 and as such gives us a very early and unique literary perspective from a time when Marco Polo had just returned and Christopher Columbus wasn’t even born yet.

Download The Decameron here as a free PDF e-book, large file (587 pages/54 Mb):

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The Decameron


Listen to the entire Decameron here:

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes – download free PDF here

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Thomas Hobbes Leviathan PDF Leviathan is the masterwork on political philosophy by Thomas Hobbes a 17th-century Brittish philosopher. He argues that war is the natural state of humankind and that only a strong state unified around a great supreme ruler can counterweight chaos. He goes further and describes the state of war like a situation where all are against all and uses this grim image to advocate for an unlimited powerful ruler, who should do whatever to maintain power. Rebellion should be dealt with ferociously as Hobbes, as Nicolo Machiavelli, believed that political freedom and peace are two opposites. Need some arguments against democracy? Read this book.

Download Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich  Thomas Hobbes Leviathan


Listen to the Leviathan – full version here:

The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money

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The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes free PDF The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money by John Maynard Keynes is here presented as the third in our mini-series of major economic-philosophical works, the two others being Adam Smiths’s Wealth of Nations and Karl Marx’s Capital. Keynes’s work is the most recent, published in 1936, established economics as a modern scientific field and created a shift in the way societies, markets, companies, and even households thought about economics.
The theory describes how crises, booms, and unemployment are inevitable aspects of market economies. What Keynes points out, is that the free hand of the market does not necessarily provide stability and fairness. This led many to believe that Keynes’s work was a critique of capitalism. It was not, even though he strongly advocates for economic intervention, his ideas were rather a showdown with the mainstream misinterpretations of economics at the time. Keynes’s economic theories became in the years are after the publication of The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money implemented in national policies all over the world and played a major role in formulating wartime and post-war economic policies.

Download the free PDF e-book here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money by John Maynard Keynes



An Inquiry into the Nature of Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

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An Inquiry into the Nature of Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith PDF An Inquiry into the Nature of Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776) also known as simply The Wealth of Nations is the magnum opus by the Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith. The work is considered the foundation of modern economic philosophy – a field established by Adam Smith, who studied social philosophy at the University of Glasgow and Oxford. The Wealth of Nations is still relevant today and is obligatory reading at universities all over the world. Smith analyzed economical structures never before studied and his thoughts and conclusion are widely used today. For example, he nailed the concept of “The Invisible Hand of the Market.” Adam Smith worked together with Humes and forms together with Karl Marx and Keynes the early basis of modern economic thinking. Wikipedia has an extensive article about Adam Smith here, so no need to go into his bio here.

Download The Wealth of Nations here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith


The Wealth of Nations as a free audio book:

The Complete Hadith – All 9 Volumes in one PDF

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The Complete Hadith PDF The Hadith is the second most important Islamic book after the Quran. The book is often referred to as “The backbone of Islamic culture” because of its immense influence on Islamic societies, morality, and spiritual life. While the Quran is based solely on revelations written down immediately after the Prophets death, the Hadith merely bear status as guidelines and narratives rooted in Islamic folklore. – Actually, “Hadith” means “stories” or “narratives”. This does not mean, however, that the content is taken less seriously. Only a small minority of Muslims rejects the Hadith and its content is the basis for Islamic legal systems such as Sharia and Fiqh. Furthermore, The Hadith is a foundation for the most authoritative Quran-comments and it is still today referred to by almost all branches of Islam when studying and resolving questions about the sayings of the Quran.

The Hadith is a huge work. This English edition consists of 9 volumes collected in a single PDF-file with a total of 2.535 pages. Download The Hadith here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The Complete Hadith

The Teachings of a Sufi Master

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The Teachings of a Sufi Master PDF The Teachings of a Sufi Master. Sufism preaches no particular dogma, except the great truths that are the basis of all religious beliefs: the belief in the existence of divinity, of an invisible world, and of the immortality of the soul. Unlike the mosque, the Sufi’s gathering is open to all people; everybody can go in the circle of a Sufi Master as an observer without changing his religion. If you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or even if you have no religion, your entrance to a Sufi gathering is not refused. Sufi circles are not exclusively for Muslims.

Sufism is a set of personal practices – though rarely practiced collectively in small groups – designed to help the follower develop hidden and unexploited capacities, with the goal of developing knowledge of the self and the visible and invisible world, and guiding the seeker or “traveler” along the spiritual path, and ultimately acquiring truths of his existence and a certain vision of the world.

The base postulate of Sufism as with all mysticism is that there is no need for blissful faith in a supposed truth, as advocated by dogmatic religions. All answers lie within the self, deep in the heart. Sufism teaches the follower who sincerely seeks the truth to develop the capacities to discover or himself the answers to his existential questions. Thus he draws his own truths, independent of any belief imposed or impressed upon him since childhood. This book is written by Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh P, h.D. an Islamic scholar specializing in Sufism and Shi’ism. He is the representative of the Nematollah Gionabad Sufi order in the United States France and French-speaking countries. The book consists of interpretations of writings by Shah Nematollah Vali (1329-1431) one of the greatest Sufi Masters and founders of Nematollahi Sufi order.

Download The Teachings of a Sufi Master here (189 pages/7.6 MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The Teachings of a Sufi Master

The Sufism of the Rubaiyat or The Secret of the Great Paradox

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The Sufism of The Ruabyat cover Free PDF e-book The Sufism of the Rubaiyat or The Secret of the Great Paradox by Norton F. W. Hazeldine, second edition 1906. The Persian word Rubaiyat means “reading between the lines”, or “a meaning, within a meaning”, or simply a paradox. The books consist of translations of beautiful mystical verses written by the Sufi mystic, mathematician, astronomer, and poet Omar Khayyam (980 – 1037). He was also known as “Omar The Tentmaker. Zamakhshari referred to him as “the philosopher of the world”.  Several sources suggest that he taught for decades the philosophy of Ibn Sina in Nishapur where he was born. His mausoleum remains a masterpiece of Persian architecture visited by many people every year. Outside Iran and Persian speaking countries, Omar Khayyám has influenced literature and societies through translation and works of scholars. Thomas Hyde (1636–1703) was the first to introduce the teachings of Omar Khayyam to the English speaking world. 

Download The Sufism of the Rubaiyat here (116 pages/1.1 MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The Sufism of the Rubaiyat

The Conference of the Birds

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The Conference of the Birds The Conference of the Birds by Farid Ud-Din Attar is a classic in Sufi-literature and Islamic esoteric teaching. The work is also known from other translations from Persian as “Speech of the Birds”. The story takes place at a meeting where the birds are to find a new king to rule them. The birds embark on a quest through seven valleys to find their coming king, the legendary Simorgh. Each bird represents human faults, standing in way for personal and spiritual development.

The book was written in the twelfth century and used to be required poetry for Sufis, and the story is widely regarded as a metaphor for life itself.

Download The Conference of the Birds as a free PDF e-book in full length (55 pages/2MB):

Download the pdf science of getting rich  The Conference of-the-Birds


Director Ayten Mutlu Saray has made a movie based on The Conference of the Birds. It can be seen here in full:

Find the 5th pig in this 1940s puzzle

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Find the 5th pig Zoek Het 5de Zwun? – Where is the 5th pig? Print this image and see if you can find it – or cheat and see it below. This fine little piece of political humor circulated in the Netherlands in the 1940s.

Find the solution here:



Read more

A collection of books and writings by Søren Kierkegaard

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Selections From the Writings of Kierkegaard A collection of books and writings by Søren Kierkegaard. Søren Kierkegaard was the first existentialist philosopher, sharp and clear, ironic and down to earth at the same time. His writings can be hard to comprehend. I have been reading some of his books as they were written, in Danish, and I can imagine that translators must have had a hard job. Kierkegaard has made invaluable contributions to modern philosophy and especially within the Christian framework in which all of his unfolded, though he could be a fierce critic of the Lutheran in church. Kierkegaard died in 1855 only 42 years old. He spends nearly his entire life here in Copenhagen, actually right in my neighborhood and I am walking by several of his homes every day. He didn’t like traveling and used all his time working, writing and suffering over difficult relationships. He never earned any money but lived entirely of a large inheritance, that allowed him to live like an ancient Greek philosopher. Many books have been written about his life, I suggest you start with the Wikipedia article about Kierkegaard. If you feel like digging in, I have here a fine collection of some of his major works in English. Download them here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich  Thee Discourses

  Download the pdf science of getting rich Training In Christianity And The Edifying Discourse

Download the pdf science of getting rich  Works Of Love

  Download the pdf science of getting rich Edifying Discourse A Selection

Download the pdf science of getting rich  Kierkegaards Attack Upon Christendom

  Download the pdf science of getting rich Of the Difference Between a Genius and an Apostle

Download the pdf science of getting rich  Selections From the Writings of Kierkegaard



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