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Rohonc Codex

Posted on | January 28, 2016 | 12 Comments

Rohonc Codex PDF coverThe Rohonc Codex is a illustrated, handwritten manuscript in some ways similar to the The Voynich Manuscript and other mysterious, encoded texts from the European Middle Ages. Not a single word has been decoded from the Rohonc Codex, though many have tried. Year-long studies have been made and experts in encryption have worked on the case. What is especially intriguing is that many of the failed attempts to solve the puzzle concludes that the scripts regularities strongly suggest a meaning.

The Rohonc Codex is kept at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, this PDF is a complete copy generated from a microfilm. The author, origin and date of the work remains a mystery. Download the Rohonc Codex here (9.75 MB / 448 pages):

PDF ebook downloadRohonc Codex



12 Responses to “Rohonc Codex”

  1. The not so Genius
    November 23rd, 2017 @ 6:14 am

    It is certainly rough to follow, and language aside… anyone who has a legitimate background in Judeo-Christian history, art or study of theology and Jewish & Catholic symbolism, can reasonably conclude this is about Christianity. Whether it is in support of or against remains to be seen. But unfortunately, our “Genius” friend, has elevated their own wisdom and understanding beyond a level they can attain in reality, by being so quick to dismiss. As far as art “style” goes, I couldn’t even name the influences accurately…so I’ll leave style to the art experts of this period. I am however, very savvy with symbolism, symbology and symbolic interactions. I’m only going to name a few here. There are several images depicting ritualistic settings or behaviors which are uniquely specific to ancient Judean customs, one appears to (possibly) depict a setting for a Seder meal. There are other customs & behaviors depicted that suggest potentially Levitical practice(s). While others blend Jewish tribal custom with early Catholic practice. There is even one which appears to depict a consecration of a Eucharistic sacramental offering, or the mass. The crown of thorns and the “passion” scene are uniquely Christian… as well as the depiction of the 3 crosses, with the Christ in the foreground with a “cruciform halo” (widely used in Christian art during the medieval era), with the 2 thieves just behind him, both looking towards the Christ, one in acceptance, one in rejection…this is classical Christian imagery. There is evidence of early Coptic Catholic, Byzantine Catholic, Eastern Orthodox as well as other uniquely Christian symbolism being used. The usages and ordered placement of these symbols and the symbolic interactions occurring is what intrigues me, as this suggests the author of the artwork portion, was at least very familiar with the Christian religion, i.e. knowing what and where certain symbols were to be placed and how. Whether the artist and writer are the same, I couldn’t begin to say. I submit it may simply be a regionally specific rendition of the story of Christianity, for either educational or historical purposes of the era. (Pictorially) it is clearly supporting ancient Jewish behaviors, Christian customs and perhaps the early Patristic era of the Catholic Church. That’s just my take on it, and I hope that the future will reveal the correct answer! Feel free to disagree, I simply had a blast looking at this ancient document, but then again that’s kind of my thing! So thank you to holybooks.com for the contributions you’ve made.

  2. Joseph Cafariello
    December 3rd, 2017 @ 1:06 am

    Hello, fellow puzzle lovers. I believe I have found a handful of words in a particular section of the codex, one of which is the name “Jesus” written numerous times, as one would expect. I have also found that the text was indeed written from right to left as in the near-eastern and middle-eastern way. Is there a website devoted to this codex where I can explain more of what I have found?

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